Good Stocks™ is the key which unlocks you from the clock.

Our proprietary blend of qualitative/quantitative stock analysis yields list of stocks that are positioned for movement in one direction or another, over short terms or long terms, depending upon your particular timeframes and goals. We do not comment on methodology nor do we offer direct investment advice. If the reasons for a particular stock being included in a particular list at a particular time are not apparent to you, we strongly suggest to you that you take no action.

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Our Most Recent Calls:

NASDAQ: ANGI (short)
Angie's List has been unprofitable for over 18 years and is bleeding cash to SG&A. Insiders constantly dumping shares.

Lorillard was well positioned in 2013 to dominate the electronic cigarette market in the US.

ZixCorp provides email encryption services to the SEC, FDIC, and other entities and is leveraging these relationships to drive market acceptance of its encryption services, with strong sales and profits in early 2013.

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